Saturday, August 26, 2006

Performance Car Club

Hey, last weekend i visited the PCC (Performance Car Club) show in Lisburn, N.Ireland, so here is a few photos i took from that day! Some really well tuned cars were on display, and it was a fun event...more soon!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pro Drift

No rest for me, the next day i was off to Dublin, Punchestown to be exact, for SLAM show and Europe's first round of Pro Drift Series! The track was a street course, designed by Pro Drift driver Darren Mc Namara and HKS driver Julian Smith, and boy it didn't disappoint, never have i seen such a display of drifting here in Ireland. 4th gear, some even trying 5th, over 100mph sideways, INSANE! Tyres were lasting 2 runs maximum, which is crazy, but i guess only in Ireland check some of the pics again!

Between all this i have been snowed under with sorting stuff for Japan trip, but all is sorted, and good to go! Now im tired, and still gotta edit up more pics and write articles! talk soon, take care!

Drift Pics

Monday, August 21, 2006



hey all,

its been a while since i got a chance to write a blog, so here goes! Been CRAZY busy recently, last month especially has been insane between writing and ALOT more photography! im going to upload a few more pics of what i been up to lately so stay tuned! Anyway, between shoots and meetings and events, and sorting things for Japan i managed to actually have some free time, lol. Last week i got to go to the local rally in the park, lurgan, always a great event, can't ever remember missing it, so no point starting now, as ever the camera was stuck to me! check pics above!


Hey everyone, welcome to my blog, i just started this, as its something cool to do and i can get in touch with new people who share my interests. Also it gives you a chance to see what im doing and how i live my life! thanks for reading, welcome to the world of Chris! Im busy with work right now, but its my aim now to keep a blog running! thanks for dropping by, come back soon!