Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tokyo Time...

Few days back in Kanto now to relax and hang out with friends!
I think I have a love and hate relationship with Tokyo haha, Part of me hates the crowds, busy tourist end of things, but part of me really loves the city and its environment, I think its more LOVE recently! There's certainly no denying Tokyo is an awsome, unique place!
Of course it would be rude not to visit Toyota's Megaweb in Daiba!
Awsome setup, and very cool place to hang out with some friends!
So much History, and all desplayed perfectly! You have to visit!
There's also a full in-use workshop for live Restoration projects!
Outside is a great car display of Toyota's Motorsport History...
The lineup changes constantly, from SuperGT, WRC, to even InitialD
It was especially interesting to see this ex-GT MR2 race car...
...and even more cool to know Apexi played a big part in it!
More Rallying this time, a favourite of mine...Castrol GT4 Celica!
Stunning Supra, GT Race car...Getting a close look around is great!
Back inside the main building is even more...Check out the displays!
You can even go to the arcade and race these cars on Simulator!
Where else can you get this close to appreciate the F1 cars...
But of course a big part of Megaweb is the Future....hhmmmm

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nissan Yokohama...

Back up to Yokohama, you can just never get tired of that view!
New addition to the Minato Mirai area, the Nissan Showroom!
Stunning selection of Historic cars...Check the Fairlady Z lineup!
There's just something about the older days that I love...
But have to admit, the new Nissan 370z is a stunning creation!
But I think I prefer this Nismo version of the 370z! Nice!
Just the perfect choice of styling, it all flows so well...
I think everyone will agree, cars like this are just Beautiful...
... and of course it wouldn't be complete without a Race car!
It was great to get a relaxed, detailed look around the SuperGT car!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Back to AE86's...

Just got time for another quick car update.. some more business!
This time hanging out with Masahito San at Carland86, Kyoto...
Be rude not to check out the famous Carland AE86...PERFECT!
The Initial-D '86 was just being loaded up for Megaweb, Tokyo!
After a day relaxing, and doing business, next was a return to IMPULSE Car Service, Kobe!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Auto Select...

Time for a quick update, or an 'Auto Select' of photos...(cheap pun)
There for business, but it be rude not to check out some more..
AWSOME cars, and very cool guys (and Dogs) to hang out with!
Just a quick example of Auto Select's work, Top GTR tuners!
Some new R35 GTR parts...If you're in town, drop by for a chat!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Finally, I made it to Hiroshima! It's been the one place I've REALLY wanted to see, so I made sure of it this time. Shinkansen trip from Osaka, then a short ride on the Hiroshima Hiroden Tram system, I had arrived at the place I had wanted to see - Genbaku Dome-mae!
Everyone knows the story, and has read all about Hiroshima...
But nothing can prepare you for actually being there to take it in!
After walking around the Peace Park, I went to visit the Museum!
Perfect example, Model scale - Before and After the Atomic bomb!
...and an Aerial Photograph taken of the City Before and After!
A VERY touching and emotional place...Clocks stopped at 8.16am
No words can really explain the atomosphere or feeling of being here. It really is a VERY emotional place, that just gives you an overwhelming feeling. But I do hope the photos help explain more... Makes me realise and think many things. But lets think of the new Hiroshima...PEACE! Hopefully you can visit and experience here too!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Real Kyoto...

Update time with a few photos of another day spent enjoying Kyoto!
The whole idea for me was to relax and take in the REAL Kyoto!
Plenty of walking and talking, but then stopped here along the way!
...VERY famous Ochaya Tea House, to sample some of Kyoto's finest!
A little more walking and enjoying more things along the way...
Night time approached, a perfect time to be at Kiyomizudera!
After, it was time for a relaxing walk around Hanami-Koji, Gion
This is the perfect place to experience the REAL Kyoto culture!
Getting hungry, it was time to choose from the MANY restuarants!
Amazing food, atmosphere, hospitality...this is the REAL Kyoto!