Wednesday, January 30, 2008

TAS After Party...Daikoku!

As usual, after the Tokyo Auto Salon, its tradition to go down to Daikoku Futo rest stop, near Yokohama! As we were in town, along with a few friends, it would have been rude not to call in! So myself, Ed, Nick and Adam all set off to meet up with Aki and Miguel . Thanks to Ed for sorting the transport for this one with Nick! We then met up with the Redline Mag crew and it really was a GTR club night out! Blasting down the Bayshore Route Highway out of Yokohama was fun, in an FD RX7, BCNR33 and an AE86! Daikoku Futo itself was relatively quiet compared to other nights (click here) The run home more than made up for it though, along with some Yokohama street drifting, then into the bar for some beers! One of the best nights I've had in a long time, and great to meet some new and old friends and have a drink/long chat about everything! There was a good line up of cars, including this Top Secret kitted 350Z.
Very agressive styling, But I like it!
The SCOOT RX7 is beautiful, and ran well on the Highway!
It wouldn't be Daikoku without some local drifters...
GTR members everywhere, nice to meet everyone!
Miguel's 86, just a work of art...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tokyo Auto Salon 2008...

Yes I know its a bit late with this blog entry but here goes. I had a full weekend to take in the 2008 Tokyo Auto Salon at Makuhari Messe, Chiba-Ken! What a show it was. The standard of tuning cars just seems to get higher and higher, and now with the new car entries into the market (GTR, Impreza, Evo X etc) it made for some interesting demo cars from some of the worlds best tuning companies! The new GTR being the main star as you can imagine. I could write all day about this show, but I'd still be no further forward and probably just bore you. So out of the many hundreds of photos taken, im going to cut it down and post just 15...enjoy!

Mugen Honda Stand was very impressive...

Unveiling of the new SuperGT R35 GTR...

D1 was represented strongly, which is good to see! Many D1 cars on display and live action outside from many of the best drifters! Roll on the new season, which has a few new twists!

Speaking of D1, the new Blitz car for Nomuken in 2008...R35!

Many R35 GTR on display, but I really liked the Greddy one...

But for overall tuning it had to be the HKS R35 GTR...

Blitz had an impressive lineup of cars this year... DRAG SUPRA!

JUN stand was great too, new Evo X and D1 Cars on display...

Top Secret put on a great show with new GTR and Porsche...

MiNES had the most simple, but busiest stand...Less is more!

My favourite Evo X from the show (Varis stand)

My overall Car of the Show...RE Amemiya RX7, full carbon!

Speaking of carbon...My favourite R32...Saurus Carbon GTR!

Most insane Car of the Show award goes to WELD!...CRAZY!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Update time...

I was joined by ED for the latest adventure and just got back. I really dont have time to write alot, but will over the next few weeks. So I guess I will just let the pics do the talking this time as they do say a thousand words eh... well I think so!
DAMN I hate London...

Feeling pretty genki before take off...but not for long!

The flight over was terrible, air-con broken, TV Entertainment broken, some dude with a cold coughing and sneezing beside me, (which I later caught), Then awful food and rough ride had Ed thinking should he jump haha!

Getting closer...this was like an Endurance race!

Ahhh land at last, almost there...FINALLY!

Never been soooo glad to get to Japan! Straight to the Narita station, get some water and cold medicine, and admire how clean and efficient it is here...damn I missed it!

On board the Narita Express...destination Yokohama!

Checked into my hotel, and time to rest before dinner!

Nice hotel indeed, really enjoyed my time here!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Some pics...

Finally got a chance to take some photos of the Skyline this week! Squeezed into the busy schedule and week of trip planning, I went for a quick photoshoot! This will probably be my last selection of photos before leaving for Japan...enjoy! She loves the camera!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Isn't it Ironic?! Dont you think?...

Only a few days into 2008, and its as busy as ever, if not more! But lets start with some good news this time! This week I FINALLY got my new license plate for the Skyline! All is done, and now I can officially drive it down the street, legally too, with no problems! Im very happy and it makes the last few months all worth while, I think! I took great pride in bolting on the License Plate and taking her for first real good drive on Irish tarmac! But isn't it Ironic?! Don't you think? Ironic that after all these months of hard work and waiting for my new license plate and registering my new R32 Skyline after test, taxing etc, I still can't drive it now! But why is that you say??

Well, today this started snowing!

Then some more, and more! Now im snowed in...DAMN!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Going back...2008

Going back, or forward, anyways, next week, Nihon ni iku!