Sunday, January 27, 2008

Update time...

I was joined by ED for the latest adventure and just got back. I really dont have time to write alot, but will over the next few weeks. So I guess I will just let the pics do the talking this time as they do say a thousand words eh... well I think so!
DAMN I hate London...

Feeling pretty genki before take off...but not for long!

The flight over was terrible, air-con broken, TV Entertainment broken, some dude with a cold coughing and sneezing beside me, (which I later caught), Then awful food and rough ride had Ed thinking should he jump haha!

Getting closer...this was like an Endurance race!

Ahhh land at last, almost there...FINALLY!

Never been soooo glad to get to Japan! Straight to the Narita station, get some water and cold medicine, and admire how clean and efficient it is here...damn I missed it!

On board the Narita Express...destination Yokohama!

Checked into my hotel, and time to rest before dinner!

Nice hotel indeed, really enjoyed my time here!

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