Friday, October 24, 2008

Quick update...

Just a quick update, I think its soon time to start really blogging again, if I can find the time. Been pretty busy, and then when I'm not, any time is put into the '86. Recently was time to get some new parts, tuning and free the car up again with TRUST 4-1 manifold header, new gaskets, Zacetec Japan decat pipe & baffle removed!

Its LOUD, but in a good way, and driving really soon.

TRUST 4-1 Ex Manifold...

Had a little trouble the last month, and finally got to the bottom of it! Car was pi$$ing me off, running the battery flat constantly...Had a new battery put in then everything tested, alternator was weak, so got new regulator put in, Just when I thought this was all solved and seemed fine, it was only prolonging the problem, and it was then running flat every 2nd or 3rd day...Dead, no lights on dash, nothing! No warnings along the way, or Battery light on dash...weird! Got in touch with a friend of mine, who was VERY good and thorough, took the car for 3 nights to let her run flat, checked electrics front to back, everything, and I mean EVERY wire, fuse, light etc, but again, pointed back to the alternator...strange I thought, after having all this done, but I would try anything at this stage to solve it.

Ripped all apart, as this was not going to beat us...He rang a contact of his, inspected the alternator, and as much as parts had been replaced it turned out to be a little diode inside that was the problem. Upon turning off the car and locking up, the alternator itself was not storing/going off correctly and losing all the power/running the car flat. Tedious, annoying, frustrating work, especially with no normal alternator problem signs, but seems to have been sorted now! Big cheers to my buddy Cloko for replacement Alternator, and everyone else for their help. Lets hope thats the problem sorted, will know in a few weeks for far, so good! Fingers crossed!

Also purchased some new winter wheels..SSR Mesh Formula, with Bridestone Potenza tyres, although they are just a winter wheel, they are looking really cool. Here is a quick pic below...more soon!