Monday, March 31, 2008

More food reviews...

Visited a quiet little restaurant in Dublin this weekend. Me and Angie took the train to Howth for a bit of relaxing and some lunch, and oh man, when I was eating it, I just knew I had to write about it haha! The restuarant was called 'Deep', and since Howth is a little seaside town on the coast of Dublin, you guessed it, the menu was seafood. It's so hard to get nice Seafoods here, and when comparing to Japan, its impossible, but I was so surprised with this restaurant. The Decor, vibe/ambience and overall atmosphere was very cool, modern and relaxing. Very good staff and service added a few points, but then the food was just out of this world, and not so expensive too!

Delicious foods, especially the Prawn Tempura, I want more!

Update time...

Been really lacking in updates lately, but that doesn't mean there's nothing going just means I've been so busy and had no time to update at all. But this week I should manage a few interesting blog entries! First off, I'm just enjoying the new car for a while, plenty of fun. Interior has been sorted to make it a little more everyday friendly. On board with the Bride seats are the three DEFI gauges and controller unit, aswell as the HKS EVC Boost-Controller.
Here are some quick photos I took this weekend...

Everyone needs a little music sometimes...For me it was an Alpine 2-Din Headunit setup with in-dash 3 Disc changer, Pioneer Tweeters and Carozzeria Front/Rear speakers! Sounds good! More soon..

Monday, March 17, 2008

Daisuki 180!

Well here it is! After a few crazy weeks, its finally all done. It was a beautiful day today, and having some things on my mind I decided to go do a little photoshoot for the new car, to keep me busy! Beautiful day, for what is to me, a beautiful car. Many thanks to everyone who has helped along the way (you know who you are) and for Angie, and family and friends for putting up with me during the recent hectic build up. I knew today I would have to do a great photoshoot to give her justice! So with it all now complete, but still more future modification ideas in my head, I now give to you...The TRIAL 180sx!

In all her glory...Beautiful!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Time to relax...

After a hectic few weeks, it really was time to relax. I got the car up to standard and this week got the bumper back from paint and fitted, after some suspension setup! Even now the car is still TOO low! Making ramps and driveways a difficult task, I need to re-think things, and maybe solve this problem, via Cable Tie Tuning! But that can all wait to the weekend, now is my time to relax. I've been so beat up with working on getting this car done, that now Im just exhausted! So a few days with no car activity, or atleast very little, was needed! So Angie and me went to the city for a day of relaxing, hit up the new IKEA store, then to my favourite place for dinner!
First on the list for us, a great Sushi was GREAT!

Followed by a great Pork curry...

and a sea food Udon mix...

All this and some great company had me happy!

Back to the crazy life again, but hopefully I can be a little more recharged over the weekend! The last few days make me realise it's important to relax and take some time out! Of course I've loved building up the car, and really enjoyed getting hands on again, it is very rewarding to see the car pretty much finished in its glory, knowing I had my own take on it to get it that way! But now it's done I'm just going to kick back and relax and try to enjoy it, for a while the next adventure of crazy cars begins! More soon!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

JDM wiring...

We all know 'extra' wiring is never Japan's strong point. This whole weekend I've spent re-wiring the front end of the car. In Japan, sometimes they disconnect the sidelights and replace them with front indicators only, usually on Aero kitted cars. So everything was fine on the indicator front, but having no sidelights is a little different over here, slightly illegal haha. So I set about finding the problem now since the bumper is off to paint. After some searching and testing, luckily the sidelight wiring was still there, just not completly cut away! So I had to rewire all the indicators and make some custom bulb holders for the front sidelights. After a quick test and refitting the correct bulbs, thankfully all worked well. So then a quick solder, and well wrapped wires with insulating tape all is good now! Also installed the HID headlights which are a great job! Just waiting my new front bumper now to fit the front sidelight lense and indicator, for a more 'legal' drive. No photos just yet, but soon...

Friday, March 07, 2008

Car life...

I've only just got the car, but it's already being ripped apart for some tuning and modifications. A long long list of simple, yet silly, time consuming things to be done before I take the car out for a 'finished' run. Some excess sticker tuning was removed today and a quick wash before paint detailing this weekend. Some new fresh stickers are ready to go on, but thats the very last thing to do next week!

The first problem was my Aero. The front bumper was a little umm 'damaged' upon arrival, so that was number one on my To-Do-List! It's safe to say that this was definetly not a genuine Vertex bumper, so Mr Ueno of T&E will be proud it is now dead. Thanks to my J-Contacts I was then sponsored a new bumper, which arrived in incredible delivery time via a Kansai flight... Arigato, HONTO NI!

Not just one, but 2 turned up! Amazing work! Now they have gone to paint and im waiting for them to be done, then fitted. Hopefully all goes well for this weekend plans! Damn I hate crap Aero parts!^^^

Also today I got the Greddy Turbo Timer fitted that I had lying around. It's a simple enough job with some basic wiring. All works well, then it was time to work out where I wanted to locate it to!

Top of the steering column, perfect, a few stickies and its done!

Next I face my biggest problem, Japanese wiring...more soon!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Back to business as they say, and what do we do better then Travelling! Next stop, Nottingham, England! So after about 2 hours sleep it was on the road again to City Airport for a cheap assed Ryanair flight to the East Midlands, UK! Only a short flight from here, about 40 minutes, then do some business, collect my new baby and let the road trip adventure begin again! Pit stop for a quick check over before the long drive ahead!

Driving across Ireland, England, Wales, and back to Ireland. Certainly was fun! But its been a very long, tiring weekend! It's been a weekend of trains, flights, driving and ferries, but it has only just begun, some Aero problems along the way now need sorted this week, more on that soon! It's certain to be an interesting read!