Friday, March 07, 2008

Car life...

I've only just got the car, but it's already being ripped apart for some tuning and modifications. A long long list of simple, yet silly, time consuming things to be done before I take the car out for a 'finished' run. Some excess sticker tuning was removed today and a quick wash before paint detailing this weekend. Some new fresh stickers are ready to go on, but thats the very last thing to do next week!

The first problem was my Aero. The front bumper was a little umm 'damaged' upon arrival, so that was number one on my To-Do-List! It's safe to say that this was definetly not a genuine Vertex bumper, so Mr Ueno of T&E will be proud it is now dead. Thanks to my J-Contacts I was then sponsored a new bumper, which arrived in incredible delivery time via a Kansai flight... Arigato, HONTO NI!

Not just one, but 2 turned up! Amazing work! Now they have gone to paint and im waiting for them to be done, then fitted. Hopefully all goes well for this weekend plans! Damn I hate crap Aero parts!^^^

Also today I got the Greddy Turbo Timer fitted that I had lying around. It's a simple enough job with some basic wiring. All works well, then it was time to work out where I wanted to locate it to!

Top of the steering column, perfect, a few stickies and its done!

Next I face my biggest problem, Japanese wiring...more soon!

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