Sunday, March 24, 2013

Impulse AE86 Panels...

Just a quick update with some news on the Impulse AE86 Rear Panel...

I know many of you AE86 readers will have already seen me posting on AE86 WORLD and other forums/websites, but I have neglected to keep things up to date on my own blog, due to being busy!

The Impulse Panels are taking shape and ready for ordering... check out the photos below...

 Here is the launch brochure in both English and Japanese... So much effort has went into this R&D.

The Panel is 3-door hatch for now, but a 2-door version is developed and will be produced in future!

All the detail of the original Toyota Panel, including water run, clips, and bolt holes...with rear side support 

Having been working VERY closely with Impulse AE86, I have managed to secure the ONLY Panel outside Japan... The quality is Top Class as you would expect!

If you are SERIOUSLY interested in pre-ordering, message me here or email:

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