Thursday, August 26, 2010


Heatwave is usually one of the most attended shows back in Ireland, luckily this year I got time to drop by with the newly finished AE86 to enjoy the show and weekend with friends! Here's some photos...
LOTS of variety of cars, from full tune Supras, to Euro VW's...
One of my favourites was this DC2 fronted EG Civic...Awsome!
SERIOUS, big power Rotaries were in attendance too! Stunning!
More BHP, with Mark 'Buff' Lunney's BN Sports Drift Supra...
More Euro, this very well finished G60 Polo was looking great!
Top Secret tuned BNR34 Skyline stole the show, in my opinion!
My buddy Eoin was there with his 20v swapped AE86...
I really liked this E46 BMW...328ci...SUPER CHARGED!
Finally a photo of the enjoyed the show and did VERY well..

Friday, August 20, 2010


The annual 'ScoobFest' charity event took place recently. Thankfully the '86 was 90% complete and able to make it. GREAT event, and always good to catch up with old friends/contacts, and make new!
LOTS of variety of cars..from AE86, to TD04 Glanza's..
Many friends were there also, including this stunning Supra TT..
Spike stopped by in his 'pink' Honda S2000... :p
Always a favourite car of mine on show, stunning Cosworth!
Another surprise was this concours original Vauxhall Nova...
Finally, Here's another beautiful example of Sierra Cosworth!
Of course, the main club of the event...'ScoobFest'...More soon!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jap Meet 2010...

Another quick photo update from a recent 'Jap Meet'...Enjoy!
Great turn out, including this awsome BN Sports 180sx...RB25
Something different here...Mazda MX-3...Supercharged!
My friend's crazy 7AGE Turbo it!
Check it out...crazy power from 4AGE in this Corolla!
As always, a great turnout of Nissan's, 2 nice examples...
Also this Nissan 200sx..S14...Running another RB25 Conversion!
Plenty of clean Honda's on display too, as you would expect!
With a few special ones found in between...Turbo DC2 Integra!
Of course it wouldn't be a 'Jap Meet' without one of our AE86's!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Really need to get free time for more updates...but here we go!
As they say...A picture can say a thousand words!

My friend Eoin's awsome 20v build was there...
Another friend, Amanda, with her KP Starlet!
Yet another, with his ' see where this is going?
Yes we had a full on Toyota stand in attendance...
My buddy, John, brought a few of his rare Import Toyotas!
A quick view of the stand...great turnout for the day!
Of course, one of the '86's was there too, more updates soon!