Monday, August 31, 2009

This Weekend...

Update time! Was hanging out at A.I Autsport over the weekend. There just happened to be a Toyota Day on, so there was plenty of great cars around...I called up in the AE86 to chill with friends!
Technically it was a GTT day, so plenty of Turbos showed up!
All were there for Dyno Runs and some fine tune ups!
Some very well spec'd cars from all over the country!
But my 2 favourites...4WD Conversions running Big BHP

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quick Update...

Time for a blog update, quickly though as I'm VERY busy...
A quick random photo of the AE86, pretty cool wide angle HDR, enjoy! Busy times, and an even more busy weekend ahead but should be fun. Updates here on that from Monday! Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Performance Car Club...

A quick update before getting some sleep. Been very busy lately and making big plans too, more on that soon! But here's some quick photos from the Performance Car Club show I attended last weekend!
Some stunning cars on display, inluding this...amazing
...BNR34 GTR, Does it get any better than this??
Nice lineup here, R35 GTR popping up more and more now!
DC2 Integra, PS13 Silvia, R33 GTR and S15 Silvia lineup...
Some 'euro' cars now, and check out this Ford Transit...
...very cool indeed and packing Cosworth running gear!
One of my favourites, 2.0l Turbo conversion Vauxhall Nova!
Old-School lineup, some VERY clean MK1/2 Ford Escorts!
It's only right to snap a quick photo of my car too...AE86.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I just HAD to post this. Photo's were taken by Mike over at Speedhunters. This Corolla was at the Nisei Show in LA...

So understated, but the attention to detail is UNREAL...

This is REAL JDM, how the term should be portrayed...But under the bonnet...4AGE 20valve! Awsome car!

Monday, August 17, 2009

AE86 Meet...

The final post from my '86 Day'. After the track I called into a local Toyota AE86 day, what a turnout, here's some quick photos I took!
Just a 'few' turned up for a local AE86 meet haha...
Nice chatting to and hanging with friends again, more updates soon!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wangan Midnight...

Trailer for the new Wangan Midnight movie released, looks good!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cruize Japan Smart!!

My friend just sent me this from Cruize Japan, GSX-R Smart!!

...and here again, driting at Nikko Circuit, AWSOME!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More '86 Celebrations...

Well '86 day turned into '86 week, including the weekend. I got word of some action happening Friday night in a town about 1 hour away (I wont reveal names), so rounded up some friends and went for the drive. Was a VERY eventful night from start to finish, but we had fun in the end. Huge turnout of cars hanging out. Later there was some drift action in a nearby Industrial Estate, but it didn't last too long before cops bust it, so it was out on the street again with a few hundred cars. We decided to head home via some awsome Touge roads. Have to say it was a GREAT drive. Summer rocks! Photos...

At the first meeting point, huge turnout of cars!
Really love this picture, sums up the whole nights atmosphere!
The AE86, I'm VERY happy with how its performing lately!
A few friends who tagged along for the night of Touge action!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Happy Hachi-Roku Day...

The 8th month and 6th day of the year can only mean one thing...'86 day! All across the world on August 6th people will be celebrating their love for the AE86. Trackdays, Touge, Streets, Shows and everyday life will all include an AE86, im sure you will see one somewhere, wherever you're reading...Some photos to celebrate.

All over the internet it is being documented too. Just check out the write ups on SpeedHunters, featuring a worldwide AE86 gallery. Not to mention the millions of AE86 owners blogs all over the world.
Really liking these latest HDR photos even if I do say myself!
Now its off for a nice drive again! Happy Hachi-Roku day!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Daily Driver...

Time for an update! My daily driver, little EF Civic. Picked up of an old lady in the UK, it was bought new, and garaged the last 15 years. Exceptionally clean car, with every piece of history, and only 25,000 miles! It really is rare to find a car like this now, so I just had to have it! Of course I will keep her nice and simple, but since it's my daily driver I had to add some little touches. These can all be reversed at anytime later to return it to full original state. First up...Delivery!

I love delivery of new Tyres...The Hankook V12 EVO's...
Fitted a nice little exhaust system, just simple and tidy!
Next up, suspension: New Bilsteins with Eibach Springs!
Picked up cheap Rims and perfectly refurbed, then fitted Tyres!
As it sits now, perfect daily driver, with the AE86 for fun!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Drifting and Europe...

Having took a back seat this year from the media end of the scene, I can safely say it's been great to be driving and getting the use of my cars again! With the economy the way it is and being so busy, I have noticed many people being very selective about the events they attend. Due to choice, travel costs, event politics etc, I can safely say this year I have no real interest in watching others drive, race, drift, I'm enjoying being the one IN the car for a change again. But I can honestly say the only Drift event recently that appeals to me is JDM All Stars. It took place at a Wembley street course in London,UK last weekend. Just check this awsome video from Steve Brooks. This is how it should, and let me add, COULD be in Europe if people played their cards right! Non stop action, now thats worth going to see!

The JDM Allstars - WEMBLEY 2009 from Stephen Brooks on Vimeo.