Sunday, August 02, 2009

Drifting and Europe...

Having took a back seat this year from the media end of the scene, I can safely say it's been great to be driving and getting the use of my cars again! With the economy the way it is and being so busy, I have noticed many people being very selective about the events they attend. Due to choice, travel costs, event politics etc, I can safely say this year I have no real interest in watching others drive, race, drift, I'm enjoying being the one IN the car for a change again. But I can honestly say the only Drift event recently that appeals to me is JDM All Stars. It took place at a Wembley street course in London,UK last weekend. Just check this awsome video from Steve Brooks. This is how it should, and let me add, COULD be in Europe if people played their cards right! Non stop action, now thats worth going to see!

The JDM Allstars - WEMBLEY 2009 from Stephen Brooks on Vimeo.

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