Monday, August 03, 2009

Daily Driver...

Time for an update! My daily driver, little EF Civic. Picked up of an old lady in the UK, it was bought new, and garaged the last 15 years. Exceptionally clean car, with every piece of history, and only 25,000 miles! It really is rare to find a car like this now, so I just had to have it! Of course I will keep her nice and simple, but since it's my daily driver I had to add some little touches. These can all be reversed at anytime later to return it to full original state. First up...Delivery!

I love delivery of new Tyres...The Hankook V12 EVO's...
Fitted a nice little exhaust system, just simple and tidy!
Next up, suspension: New Bilsteins with Eibach Springs!
Picked up cheap Rims and perfectly refurbed, then fitted Tyres!
As it sits now, perfect daily driver, with the AE86 for fun!

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