Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More '86 Celebrations...

Well '86 day turned into '86 week, including the weekend. I got word of some action happening Friday night in a town about 1 hour away (I wont reveal names), so rounded up some friends and went for the drive. Was a VERY eventful night from start to finish, but we had fun in the end. Huge turnout of cars hanging out. Later there was some drift action in a nearby Industrial Estate, but it didn't last too long before cops bust it, so it was out on the street again with a few hundred cars. We decided to head home via some awsome Touge roads. Have to say it was a GREAT drive. Summer rocks! Photos...

At the first meeting point, huge turnout of cars!
Really love this picture, sums up the whole nights atmosphere!
The AE86, I'm VERY happy with how its performing lately!
A few friends who tagged along for the night of Touge action!

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