Friday, August 21, 2009

Performance Car Club...

A quick update before getting some sleep. Been very busy lately and making big plans too, more on that soon! But here's some quick photos from the Performance Car Club show I attended last weekend!
Some stunning cars on display, inluding this...amazing
...BNR34 GTR, Does it get any better than this??
Nice lineup here, R35 GTR popping up more and more now!
DC2 Integra, PS13 Silvia, R33 GTR and S15 Silvia lineup...
Some 'euro' cars now, and check out this Ford Transit...
...very cool indeed and packing Cosworth running gear!
One of my favourites, 2.0l Turbo conversion Vauxhall Nova!
Old-School lineup, some VERY clean MK1/2 Ford Escorts!
It's only right to snap a quick photo of my car too...AE86.

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