Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Back to business as they say, and what do we do better then Travelling! Next stop, Nottingham, England! So after about 2 hours sleep it was on the road again to City Airport for a cheap assed Ryanair flight to the East Midlands, UK! Only a short flight from here, about 40 minutes, then do some business, collect my new baby and let the road trip adventure begin again! Pit stop for a quick check over before the long drive ahead!

Driving across Ireland, England, Wales, and back to Ireland. Certainly was fun! But its been a very long, tiring weekend! It's been a weekend of trains, flights, driving and ferries, but it has only just begun, some Aero problems along the way now need sorted this week, more on that soon! It's certain to be an interesting read!

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