Monday, March 31, 2008

More food reviews...

Visited a quiet little restaurant in Dublin this weekend. Me and Angie took the train to Howth for a bit of relaxing and some lunch, and oh man, when I was eating it, I just knew I had to write about it haha! The restuarant was called 'Deep', and since Howth is a little seaside town on the coast of Dublin, you guessed it, the menu was seafood. It's so hard to get nice Seafoods here, and when comparing to Japan, its impossible, but I was so surprised with this restaurant. The Decor, vibe/ambience and overall atmosphere was very cool, modern and relaxing. Very good staff and service added a few points, but then the food was just out of this world, and not so expensive too!

Delicious foods, especially the Prawn Tempura, I want more!

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