Tuesday, April 01, 2008

More 180sx...

Another quick update on the car. Today I payed a visit to local tuner A.I Autosport for some fine tuning and setup for the 180sx. With a slight 'missing' during/coming on high boost, and AirFlow problem diagnosed before hand, we tried a few adjustments when on the dyno, to try fix the problem and be running 100%. After, AFM, and some fine mapping, then Jonny reprogrammed the HKS EVC Boost controller, everything was running perfect again, and boosting very smoothly and efficient! Great work, making a fast car, faster!

Next step was the suspension, for a fine damper tune and setup! But the 180sx didn't like it, and tried to eat Phil in this photo...haha!

Huge thanks to Jonny and Phil @ A.I Autosport!

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