Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Drift season...

There has been so much happening lately in the 'Tuning world', but this time of the year can only mean one thing...DRIFT! This weekend seen the return of Drift for everyone, as D1GP kicked off the new season at Ebisu Circuit in Fukushima,JP! As usual a packed out, capacity crowd, and some top class drifting...I wont spoil it by revealing the results, you can check it out on D1GP website. It sure is good to have D1 back again...hope to catch a round soon!

Speaking of things coming back...a certain HKS Altezza is returning to D1GP, which means No One Better...Taniguchi San! It was revealed this week on Taniguchi's personal blog, in Japanese, that he will compete in several D1 rounds this season, aswell as the special exhibition event at Odaiba, Tokyo! This is HUGE news!

Also, EDC will have Round 1 of the European Drift Series, and also Formula D will kick off its new season in 2 weeks at Long Beach, aswell as an Exhibition event in Singapore on April 27.

Finally the Irish drift season will start on April 19/20 as ProDrift hits Mondello Park. Be sure to check it out... I know I will.

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