Thursday, January 03, 2008

Isn't it Ironic?! Dont you think?...

Only a few days into 2008, and its as busy as ever, if not more! But lets start with some good news this time! This week I FINALLY got my new license plate for the Skyline! All is done, and now I can officially drive it down the street, legally too, with no problems! Im very happy and it makes the last few months all worth while, I think! I took great pride in bolting on the License Plate and taking her for first real good drive on Irish tarmac! But isn't it Ironic?! Don't you think? Ironic that after all these months of hard work and waiting for my new license plate and registering my new R32 Skyline after test, taxing etc, I still can't drive it now! But why is that you say??

Well, today this started snowing!

Then some more, and more! Now im snowed in...DAMN!

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