Sunday, November 15, 2009


Finally, I made it to Hiroshima! It's been the one place I've REALLY wanted to see, so I made sure of it this time. Shinkansen trip from Osaka, then a short ride on the Hiroshima Hiroden Tram system, I had arrived at the place I had wanted to see - Genbaku Dome-mae!
Everyone knows the story, and has read all about Hiroshima...
But nothing can prepare you for actually being there to take it in!
After walking around the Peace Park, I went to visit the Museum!
Perfect example, Model scale - Before and After the Atomic bomb!
...and an Aerial Photograph taken of the City Before and After!
A VERY touching and emotional place...Clocks stopped at 8.16am
No words can really explain the atomosphere or feeling of being here. It really is a VERY emotional place, that just gives you an overwhelming feeling. But I do hope the photos help explain more... Makes me realise and think many things. But lets think of the new Hiroshima...PEACE! Hopefully you can visit and experience here too!

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