Saturday, September 23, 2006

Kazama Auto

Wednesday was through Tokyo and onto Saitama to visit Kazama Auto and Power Vehicles. This was going to be a fun day meeting up with some friends here, and checking out some of Japan's best cars built by Kazama Auto. Kazama San was very friendly, and let us go whereever we want, look at any car, check out engines, interior etc, which was great. Its this kindness of people that makes Japan so good! The line up of cars was UNREAL, silvias, 180sx's, ae86's,Supras, Skylines, everything you could imagine, all modified within an inch of their lives! One car that stood out most though was the Kazama 'Street Legal' Toyota MkII. This was basically full spec drift car, but is drove on the roads, as we seen this day - and Kazama San is CRAZY!! haha,but we love it!

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