Monday, June 25, 2007

Crazy Day...

OK another update. This was a CRAZY day. We set off in the diesel, automatic Corolla for a visit to some friends and tuning shops in Kanagawa. We arrived at Car Make T&E in Tsuzuki-Ku, but after a quick chat we found out Mr.Ueno had left for an early holiday to relax before D1GP at Suzuka. This also meant Sui:Vax (the tuning side of T&E) was closed too.
We got some directions and decided to go to WELD, but we later found out that they had moved premises and we didn't have their address, so we were back to square one!

After a quick re-think, I decided to drive to Kunnyz! The tuning shop is owned by crazy D1 and 'Night Walkers' driver Kunny Takahashi. After some calls and bad directions (Crazy Kunny HAHA) we finally made it. Inside was the D1GP Chaser being finished for Suzuka, and the D1GP Street Legal MarkII. We had a good chat with Kunny and decided to make our way back home. But this is Japan...when driving down the road Ed spotted a yard full of GTR Skylines! We drove in for a quick look, to find none other than the GTR Tuners Midori! What a find...only in Japan! We were given the full tour and talked alot while looking around, took some photos and left for Yokohama! Dinner in Shibuya was on the cards for the night before going our separate ways.

Kunnyz in Yokohama

Midori Garage...GTR Tuners

This was a surprise to find, but what a great place...

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