Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I guess its time for some moaning and compaining this week. Or what some might call 'rant'. Parts, parts, parts! Waiting, waiting, waiting...and still waiting! Well truth is, im pretty pi$$ed off waiting, and companies letting us down. Why is it that we can order parts from as far as Japan and Australia (yes, the other side of this world) and have them here in 2 or 3 days?! Very well packed, great prices, a great product, item tracking number attached so it can be traced all the way, and arrives perfectly, great service.

But then local European, and UK companies who take weeks to get their act together and post something simple, small and even a few sheets of paper! Im sick of this 'Culture' and 'way of life'....Grrrr, I guess I should stop ranting before I end up in trouble, but when its for a very important project, I can't help but feel annoyed and frustrated! Its these few parts that are adding on weeks to having this project finished and complete! Well my advice and lesson is, choose your business contacts and associates well, if they screw you over or let you down cut them out next time! BAKA!!
All the parts are arriving in reverse order! The final parts from Japan arrived first, great, but the needed parts for the present problems are STILL stuck in UK! C'mon! Sort it out PLEASE!!

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