Friday, February 01, 2008

Thinking mode...

There is only so much you can do the whole car thing right? We should all have a hobby. When I was younger it was cars, always has been. All the way through school was the same. Every project I did was cars cars cars. It got to the stage I was almost kicked off my course by some teachers due to this fascination by all things automotive! I graduated and swore cars would only remain a hobby and I would do something else with life! But later I came to realise we cant decide life! We can only choose the best we can at the time and try influence our future! Years later and well im even more deeply involved with the car/tuning scene and its not just a part of me, it IS me! But even on these busy trips I like to break away. Everyone has their escape, be it reading, models, dance, singing etc...for me, well its also enjoing the fun side of cars, where it all began, but also I escape by doing nothing! Thats it, nothing! Just relaxing, walking around, thinking and taking in this mad world! So when out and about after busy days, I often slip into 'Thinking Mode'. I guess you could say im even in it right now...but there's one place in particular makes me slip into Thinking Mode so easily...Minato Mirai, Yokohama! I've lost track of the nights I come here just to sit and watch, listen and get away from everything! Makes me think many things about life, past, present and future! Who knows what it will bring, but I have learned early that we can't make it happen. Fate and destiny will make it happen, all we can do is accept it as it comes and work our lives around it! Right now, there are many things im thinking about, and ALOT of things to consider...There's alot going on! I really don't know what will happen, but I do know it all happens for a reason! Some things have not been so good for the start of 2008, and I wonder why I do it at all, but then again, someone has to! Im sure it will work out, but to then I guess I will look forward to times like this and in places like this!...laters!

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