Friday, August 01, 2008 the Future!

Sorry about the lag in updates recently. I have been VERY busy! Where do I start? ALOT has been going on in the Tuning World. Alot of huge news, but more on that soon. First is a quick update on whats going on in my own life. Busy yes, but also enjoying. Car has changed once again, as you maybe read in previous posts. Now it is unveilved. With the whole economy in Europe in a poor state, it was time to make a big decision. Sure I can buy/drive any car, but could I justify the cost of it all? Short answer...NO! So I made the decision to buy this new car. It is easy to run, parts are cheap, easy to tune and work on by myself. But the main factor; it is just as much fun, if not more, than all the other previous cars I have had/got to drive.

Step up 'AE-Hachi-Roku'. This car needs no introduction, so I will let the photos do the talking. Built to 'Masuda Street Drift' spec in Kansai, Japan, it really is an awsome car. It has been a while since I enjoyed driving so much, so lets hope that can continue. With the whole economy factor do we have to go Back, to get to the Future?

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