Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tokyo Auto Salon...Part 2

Another blog entry of Tokyo Auto Salon 2009. I'll continue with another selection of photos, especially of the cars that got my attention most! There was a very 'different' vibe about this year's Auto Salon, maybe it's the whole economic situation, but things took a step back, it felt like going to a show maybe 5 or more years ago, but that's a GOOD thing. It felt like the whole tuning scene in general has came back down to earth, which felt good, and I noticed ALOT more people could relate more to it, and enjoy more everyday style, and quality tuned cars! One final post about the Auto Salon soon!

Really was good to see more cars like this EF race Civic..
MiNES brought out their even more advanced R35 and new 370z
BIG news, was Ueno Takahiro's new D1 spec BMW..
Cars like this is what made it a great show for me...AMAZING!
One thing got my attention was the Rotrex charged R35 GTR...
Outside as always the D1GP drivers were keeping the crowd happy!
Possible Overall Car of the Show?? Mugen NSX...
Again, quality old-school cars, got plenty of attention...
I couldn't possibly post all the girls,haha but for example...
VIP scene gets bigger, along with the addition of Import AutoSalon

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