Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AE86irl Trackday...

Next up was the AE86 Ireland trackday at Mondello Circuit. I had been looking forward to this for a while, and was more excited as I had not previously drove at Mondello myself. The car was well prep'd long before the trackday and ready to go! New Dunlop Direzza's fitted to the 15" SSR Longchamps, fine suspension setup, with a few night shakedown on street, service, fine tune, then filled with Super Unleaded! The car ran so well all day, after driving the 2 hours to the track, drove hard all day, and 2 hours home, flawless, so I was pretty happy to say the least! The Dunlop Direzzas were awsome all day pushing hard, and I was surprised even at how much grip the '86 had, amazing setup! Now Im starting to see why this car really was setup for grip/track use...and Im getting into it now! Just managed to get catch tank sorted for Mondello in time too, and it served its purpose well. It's a MUST for Mondello I have to say! The event was open pit, so we had lots of track time. Most of it ran smoothly enough bar some 'inexperienced' drivers errors, or not obeying common track rules. I enjoyed it, and was good to catch up with some old friends I hadn't seen for quite some time. Credit to Paddy McGrath for the fantastic last photo! Roll on the next trackday, enjoying this car alot!

Managed to take two some quick snaps while on lunch break...
Car really came to life at trackday, cant wait for the next one!
Fantastic photo pushing the Direzza tyres at Dunlop corner!

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