Saturday, March 28, 2009

Carbon Clad...

Many of you know, I first started this blog a few years ago to write about the Tuning World and my Travels throughout, with constant updates on the scene. How times have changed since then. Now there are MANY different blogs/websites all over the world providing updates on the Tuning Scene for everyone. However this is good, because it gave me the chance to start blogging more personally about MY OWN tuning and travels, while living this crazy life!

Lately, it has been a blog more specific to my own personal life, my cars, and what I'm getting upto in this crazy Industry! I only blog for myself really, and for the benefit of a few friends who often read to see what I'm doing, but I'm constantly surprised at the huge amount of interest and emails, messages of kind words I get from those of you who read my blog. Thank you for all the support. It really is great to know people actually appreciate and like what I'm doing in this life.

To cut the rambling short, this is a message of thanks and free plug for a recent Car blogger who contacted me. Gabriel Tan at Carbon Clad blogs about the tuning and car scene in Singapore and Malaysia. Now you know I've been pretty clued in on the scene all over, including SG, but it is always good to read from those actually involved and living the tuning life out in SG. It's a cool blog, so go check it out! Thanks again Gabriel for stopping by! Keep in touch..

Carbon Clad - Singapore/Malaysia Performance Car blog!

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