Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Belfast Show...

Some more photos from this weekend's car show in Belfast..
The AE86 was invited, representing TRIAL...looking good!
Nicely done ER34, URAS kitted, and plenty of Carbon!
One of my favourite cars from the weekend's show...CRX
Running a H22A Conversion..oh yes, with a Turbo! Very tidy!
Definetly had to mention this Mk5 VW Golf...Beautiful build
Cars to appeal to everyone were invited along...Rotary RX7
Turbo'd MX5, great build, this would be so much fun to drive!
My friend's 600 bhp 'Clover Auto' tuned Soarer was also there!
Overall winner was this stunning 600bhp Lancer Evo...Awsome!

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