Sunday, September 20, 2009

Need For Speed: SHIFT

Been playing the new NFS for a few days now, and im quite surprised how good it is. Of course it's not REAL, and all the haters will complain about every little inaccuracy or glitch in the game, but overall its good arcade style fun gaming, thats what matters to me!

Starting to really get into it. The game opens up alot more as you progress, and get into higher levels of tuning. The fine setup and tuning is VERY good, and has a very realistic affect on the car, just the same as real life settings. For now I built the '86 replica, my old 180sx, and currently racing Career mode with my Nur R34 GTR!
Naturally I had to build an AE86 replica..Trueno though :(
From this angle it's perfect..full drift setup (Silverstone above)
For some turbo drift fun, I built a replica of my old 180sx...
Now for Career, Race, Grip and Time Attack mode...R34 GTR

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