Friday, November 06, 2009


Boarded the Shinkansen yet again, this time bound for Kyushu. I still had not made it to Kyushu before, so this time I made a promise, and well the rest is history! Arrived at Kokura and checked in to the Tomoko Inn haha, then got to hang out with Tomoko. I really didn't know what to expect from Kyushu, but I like it! Relaxed, with a very different atomosphere, compared to that of Kanto, Kansai etc, Its somewhere I can definetly imagine staying longer. Some photos...
First stop, 'Moko and me went to check out Kokura Castle!
Very beautiful place, with great history, and city view!
Small, but cosy, this is what I liked about Kokura, just nice!
Nice Japanese Garden nearby, Peace & Quiet within the City!
We took the train then to Shimonoseki haha, I mean Mojiko!
Relaxing, walking, talking...Everything just seems so right...
This was one of my most favourite times ever in Japan!

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