Friday, December 24, 2010


Some photos from Chichibu, Saitama-ken (Miki's hometown). Chichibu is a really nice place, friendly, relaxed, and very VERY countryside. Luckily we were there at Festival time too!

The Chichibu Ryusei Festival takes place mid October, and is literally a Rocket festival...with alot of history from the Dragon! A long trek out to the mountains and you're greeted by 1000s of people making there way up to the hills to watch...A Great day out!

Everyone brings their foods/beers and relax for the day

Huge Rockets are made all year round...they build up like immitate the style of the Dragon, before take off...AMAZING!

Arai Family...Arigato, Always! Can't wait for Summer Matsuri!
We then took a quick drive up the Chichibu Touge roads...
Check out this view over the mountains...Great city - Chichibu!

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