Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Drift Muscle, Tsukuba: My Hero

One of my final posts about the recent Drift Muscle, Tsukuba Event!

Amongst all the SR20's and Turbo's, there was one Awsome sound to me...
A Dirty ol' Datsun running N/A on FCR Carbs quickly become My Hero!

He took me back to the FUN days of Drifting and enjoying cars...Regardless of Money, etc

This Guy was Flat out ALL day, Full revs, Clutch Kicking and Pure Balls Out Drifting!

Holding his own against the Big power cars, he made me Smile with every Drift run...

I just had to go take a closer look around this Old School Machine...FCR Carbs, Cola Can Oil-Catch tank, Oil Cap held on with some Ductape, and messy Spaghetti Japanese Wiring!

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