Thursday, August 09, 2012

Fuji 86 Style...Part 3

Another Photo Update from Fuji 86 Style... This time looking at the new Toyota 86

As mentioned before, the Event was much bigger than last year, mainly due to the new '86'...

It's amazing just how fast the Tuners and Privateers have torn the '86' apart...HKS leading...

So many parts are being developed! Including this Supercharged D1GP version...

As you can see, there is already quite a following...Huge future ahead for this car!

DAMD took an interesting approach, by making a 'Black Limited Edition'...hmmm

R-Magic created a unique Aero kit, I'm liking the many Styling options already available!

One of my favourites, and one of the first Tuned, is the Up-Garage D1GP Car...

When I had heard last year that Ueno-San got his hands on a '86', I knew it would be good...
T&E have created this simple and effective Vertex Aero kit...Perfect in every way!

It's good to see ZELE back in action, this time with the '86'...with Signature Orange Paint!

Another Aero kit developed, this time by C-West...Reminds me of the Early 2000's, I like it!

Lastly for now, K-One brought along their 86. This reminds me of the JDM Option 350z!

Overall, the Rate of Tuning, for a new car, is just incredible! As I have always said, the new Toyota '86' is exactly what the Industry needed! Next 10 years will be VERY interesting!

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