Thursday, July 19, 2007

Party Time...

Nagoya is a nice place, and well I was on my own here for a few nights, so I called into some nice bars. The first one was very classy, and great to relax, and everyone loved to have a chat. But tonight there was only one place to go...HIRO'S BAR!!!

For those of you who dont know, thats the 'Cooper's Irish Pub' just a 2 minute walk from Nagoya station. I had been here several times before, so I thought I would call in for a quiet drink and dinner, catch up with Hiro and the locals. But well, after meeting up with my new friends, things got a little CRAAAZZZYYY haha.... great times!

These guys and girls ROCK!!!!

Group photo! Now you are all famous....

5am and we are in Bar number 4...all nighter!

We stepped outside and Nagoya was EMPTY! Then I realised I had a plane to catch...see you guys, thanks for a great party, we will do it again! Same place!

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tomoko said...

you have a very cute smile chris :) we gotta do the same in osaka! you know i'll make you laugh till it hurts!

x tomoko

ps. i had this blogger thing for the class. i don't even open it anymore lol