Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sun Line Auto...

After Tokyo Auto Salon, its been go go go! Now in Kansai, things really do feel a little more relaxed/easy going compared to Tokyo! Which is understandable of course. Next step was Shinkansen to Okayama, in West Japan! Reason being? Sun Line Auto tuning shop! We had been invited there by Piers and Sato San (owner of Sun Line Auto) After arriving in Okayama for the first time I realised just how beautiful it really nice and relaxing, a very simple place! It was a great day too, with plenty of warm sunshine! After meeting up with Okayama resident Piers we then made our way to the Sun Line shop (Arigato)...Here are some quick photos from the day!

Here is Piers' own R34 GTR Skyline...full carbon! Stunning!

Sun Line's current race spec Nissan 350Z...

..and the new 350Z project.More carbon/Aero...Looks Great!

The latest version of the famous Sun Line S15 Silvia...

The new car...Brand new R35 traditional Sun Line RED!

It was a very busy day at Sun Line , but the boss, Sato San, took time out from making the new R35 GTR exhaust system, to chat with us. This is VERY rare for him to do this, as he is always busy, and pretty shy! But not when it comes to cars!...It turned into a long chat. From the time spent here talking to Sato San, I could really learn alot about Sun Line Auto and Sato San himself. His beliefs, goals, respect for cars and knowledge of tuning them. Every so often we meet someone like this. He really is a very intelligent man, with deep personality. His drive for the best and perfection is the way others should be. The little things, and attention to detail in research and development, and production of parts really reflects from Sato San's personality. I always say you can tell alot about the person/driver from his or her car, and this proves it! With Sun Line its all about the BEST, the QUALITY, for both the customer and the car! A perfect example is the 'sample' Aero we talked about on the 350Z car. It was an amazing fit to the car, but Sato San then explained thats only the first copy, and the real finished piece will be even better...AMAZING! Its this kind of attitude we need more of in the Tuning Industry! I see big things in the future for Sato San and Sun Line Auto and I really do look forward to it! >Sunline website<

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