Monday, February 09, 2009

Have a break...

Amongst all the crazy busy schedules and 3 days Press at Tokyo Auto Salon, something was calling me to have a little break. Anyone who really knows me will know yes I live cars cars cars, but there is so much more to life. So along the way into Tokyo I took a little detour to return to Odaiba for some chillin' and thinking time. Alot going on in this head of mine, but this trip was needed to finalise some things in my mind. It's just something we have to do sometimes, and there is no better place for it, I really love Odaiba. I'll let the pics do the talking and you can think about whatever, but do remember, it's important to relax sometimes and have a break...More soon!
Amazing view of the Tokyo Bay area, and somewhere to just come relax and think about anything on your mind, check out Mt.Fuji above, peaking through in the distance...was such a clear day!

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