Monday, April 27, 2009

Japan Vs UK...

Been REALLY busy, but finally time for a blog entry! Over the next few weeks there will be ALOT to read, so it will be worth it! For now I will upload some photos of my Japan import AE86 and my Friends UK spec AE86...VERY different and made for a good photoshoot! Personally I do like both models. Ireland has a huge love for the AE86 as many know, but a very 'split' scene, with a big divide of UK/Jap Spec...It has been raised many times, and even results in arguements haha, but I think its all good. For me, I prefer a nice clean, higher spec'd Import, good tuning, better styling, extras etc, compared to the more simple, understated UK. It's a debate that will go on forever, considering the now huge 'cult' that has been made around UK AE86's...but, I wont be selling mine for one, Function over Following (the crowd) is what I say! I'll stick to the Jap spec '86.
Two very different cars, but each nice in their own ways...
Personally for me I prefer the Jap Import, but Red/Black is nice!
So which style do you all prefer??
UK spec, or Import Japan spec?!

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