Saturday, May 09, 2009

Soon be Summer...

Soon be Summer time, so Im getting the car prepared, but not with a few set backs along the way! After enjoying plenty of use out of the Trust Manifold, I was driving home late one night and just knew something wasn't right. The car had got quieter haha, so I set about finding out where this blowout was that was causing it. Exhaust is 100%, and I just couldn't believe it was coming from the newest part, the Greddy 4-1 manifold/downpipe! No obvious signs, but deep within the flexi, somewhere a small crack had formed in the weld. VERY disappointed, and slightly pissed off as it's very unlike Trust, I contacted them at Trust Japan Headquarters. Shocked themselves, they immediately set about sorting the problem, and gave me the go ahead to repair this existing manifold in the meantime. So my welder friend set about carrying out a very VERY good repair, and new flexi, saving the rest of the system. Trust should employ him maybe!

So alongside Trust we're working close to see what caused this, and how it can be prevented. Being honest, I think it was just unlucky and a bad bad bump on a shit road that I have had to use lately, but at top money and products, all feedback helps! Here you can clearly see the problem inside the Flexi welds, it's not much, but enough, and wanting perfection, it gets fixed! I guess that's just my way!

In goes the new one for now while getting the replacement,. All sorted and perfect again, also note the Undersealing, VERY clean!
With the remainder of the perfectly intact flexi, it houses my Pens..
Next plan for the summer was some new tyres and the 15" SSR Longchamps back on! I really loved the look of the gold SSR mesh, but they'll be back again come the winter time. For summer its the Longchamps, all polished up and treated to new rubber! Dunlop Direzza sports on front again, and Yokohama Parada 2s on the rear, which are turning out to be an awsome tyre so far! More soon...

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